Does Window Tint Go on The Inside or Outside of a Window?

Does Window Tint Go on The Inside or Outside of a Window?

It’s an understandable question: you like the idea of having window tint installed at your residential property, for reasons such as privacy or ultraviolet (UV) protection, but you have wondered, “does house window tint go on the inside or outside?”

The short answer is that window tint is normally installed on the interior surface of glass. This is generally done to protect the window tint from the maximum harshness of the outside elements, so that it can last longer without tearing or otherwise degrading.

However, it is not unheard-of for window tint to be applied on the exterior side of a window in some cases. So, let’s explore some of the reasons why this might occasionally be the case.

In What Circumstances Might Window Film Be Installed on The Outside? 

There was a time when exterior window films were largely overlooked or ignored. After all, why would anyone invest in window tint, only to install it in a place where it will almost certainly deteriorate so much quicker?

There are, however, certain circumstances in which a window film might conceivably be fitted to the outside surface of the glass at a residential or commercial property. These include:

  • If the window film is meant to protect against vandalism. In locations where building owners are concerned about the risk of vandals causing scratches and markings to glass, the decision might be made to install specialised anti-vandalism film. The reasoning behind fitting such a window tint, is that replacing a vandalised window film is much cheaper than having to replace damaged glass.
  • If the window where the film is to be installed is difficult to reach. Some windows within a residential or commercial building, such as skylights, might not lend themselves to easy application from the inside. If this is the situation at your property, you may find it much more convenient to install the window tint on the outside, even if this forces you to replace the window film more frequently due to its faster deterioration.

So, your next commercial property or house window tint: inside or outside? The answer will almost certainly be inside, unless any of the above circumstances apply. Contact Decal Team today, and we will help ensure you have the right window tinting applied in the right location for your needs, wherever you are in Auckland North Shore or Mt. Roskill.