Do Window Tints Make Your Home Dark?

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Do Window Tints Make Your Home Dark?

Tinted windows have become a lot more commonplace on the housing market, and with an increase in popularity comes an increase in questions. Does tinting your house actually save on energy? Furthermore, does window tinting make your house dark?

The surprising answer is that despite the name tinting, which many of us associate with making something darker, window tinting doesn’t always have to mean a darkening of your living space. In fact, visibly clear tinting can be just as effective in terms of controlling the energy that comes in through the window from the sun.

In fact, there are countless options should you decide your windows need some of that tinting magic, many of which you can find at Decal Team. As far as window tinting in Auckland goes, we can find a tinting service tailor made for your needs.

Why tint your windows?

You may be wondering what the purpose of tinting windows in the home actually is, but they are numerous. Firstly there is the aforementioned aspect of energy efficiency – during the summer especially, it prevents unwanted heat from entering the house, meaning less need for air conditioning.

Furthermore, window tints can reduce outside visibility, meaning you and your family can have the privacy you deserve, especially if you happen to live in a busy neighbourhood. There is the considerable factor of cost, which is often a one-time payment up front, though it helps to see tinting your windows as an investment in the longer term.

Window tinting is not always light blocking, and can in fact control the amount of sunlight that your home receives. The way in which you tint your windows should always be specific and pertinent to your own home’s needs. As mentioned, it’s a big investment, so it needs to work for you.

When you decide that tinting is the way to go, check out our recent blog on the costs of window tinting, then browse our website to find your perfect tint..Your windows may be tinted, but you’ll never be left in the dark with us.