Cancer Protection From Car Window Tinting In Auckland

Cancer Protection From Car Window Tinting In Auckland

With the big C word in the header, let’s not mess around but dive straight into the thick of things. A fact of daily life for us Kiwis is that we score high in the global age-standardised rates of melanoma. Whilst trashing the world at sport is a thrill, this type of high score is not. So let’s talk about cancer protection from car window tinting in Auckland now!

Why Use Car Window Tinting In Auckland?

UV radiation is, due to research, proposed to be the main culprit (85%) behind skin cancer because it harms our skin’s melanocyte DNA. Our geographic location has the UV odds stacked against us. The Kiwi UV Index (ability to crisp your skin) is almost 40% higher than our fellow earthlings located at matching lines of latitude in the North half of the globe.

Not only do we need to protect ourselves from UV like the rest of the human race, but we should also be making a 40% greater effort!

With tens of thousands of new cases of cancer every year, we should be using as many passive protections against UV as we possibly can: sunscreen, hats, long sleeve shirts, umbrellas, the shade of trees, car window tinting and reapplications of sunscreens.

What Do Cancer Associations Say About Window Tinting?

Professionally installed window tinting is given the thumbs up by cancer associations around the world. It is seen as a safe, passive tool to add to your diverse armoury against UV radiation.

Most people don’t know that ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is not stopped by the physical structure of a car or home; it passes right through. We are constantly exposed to UV, and all we can do is help to reduce the amount of exposure.

By using a car window tinting film that filters out the UV radiation, you get reduced exposure. UVR reflects off of water, so you can burn while under an umbrella. UVR will also reflect off of sand, snow and penetrate glass without a pause. Not only is car window tinting recommended but home window tinting as well. There are clear options that will still filter out over 95% of the UV.


Save your car’s upholstery, your home’s window treatments, flooring and furniture but, most of all, save your life.

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